2014 Haircuts for Women

Monday, January 6th, 2014 - Hairstyles 2014

2014 haircuts for women shouldn’t be too extreme. It doesn’t mean that new trend has to be different the previous ones. It could be similar with small touch of change. This touch gives significant impact to the look of the hair. Here are some newest haircuts that will be trends for 2014.

Short blonde hairstyle should be enlisted firstly. Women can try a new idea in which they can vamp up their long crop for evening out. Short blonde hairstyle with full of volume will really show the nuance of glamour. The length of the hair is just above the shoulders. So, it is not too long or too short either. To add more volume, they can ask their hairstylist to cut the hair at the back shorter than the front.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter if they really love their long blonde. They don’t need to cut it out shortly. They still can keep it long instead. The only thing that they can do is to brighten the blonde hues. It is predicted that it will be the season’s hottest color. It is considered as a perfect mature complexion.

Shaking up women crop and combining with dramatic red color will be too extreme. However, this hairstyle is nice to try especially by those who like to look cool in every moment. The deep coppery plum hue is the bang on the trend.

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